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Advantages of Cellular Fire Alarm Monitoring

Advantages of Cellular Fire Alarm Monitoring

Your organization’s fire alarm system is an essential element in ensuring the safety and well-being of your facilities, staff and visitors. But it’s quite possible that your fire alarm system has become obsolete and unreliable. It may also be costing you much more than necessary.

Copper telephone lines are history

All fire alarm panels made for the last 40 years were manufactured to transmit over hard copper analog telephone lines. These no longer exist! Therefore, telephone line monitored fire alarms transmit analog data over a digital network, which is unreliable. Cellular transmits over highly reliable cellular networks.

Telephone line monitoring wastes money

Monitoring a fire system by telephone requires two lines, each costing between $40 and $60 each every month. Then add in the cost of telephone line monitoring, which runs $35 to $60 per month. Switching to cellular monitoring typically results in savings of more than 50% and $150 per month for each monitored fire system!
That’s money that can go straight to your bottom line.

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Switching to cellular is quick and easy!

Greater reliability, faster response, improved safety and security and lower cost. If your fire alarm system is still using telephone line monitoring, the time is now to upgrade to cellular. It’s fast and easy and the benefits are immediate.

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